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SC Daily Meditations

“And the words of my mouth shall be such as may please: and the meditation of my heart always in thy sight. O Lord, my helper and my Redeemer. “
Psalm 19.15   Douay-Rheims Bible (DRB)

Watch your words!

What are the words of your mouth and thoughts of your heart today? Are they pleasing God Almighty, your Eternal Father, or they are hurting His ears and his heart?



Most of the people don’t pay attention to what they say or think. Most of the people don’t take words coming out of their mouth seriously. And even worse slump can be found in our minds (hearts). Other people don’t see it but God sees all! It hurts God when we speak words which are not love and blessing! It is not only about not cursing, it is about speaking love and blessing only! God is love and blessing and the same He expects of us! The same should apply to our thoughts because what we think today we will speak tomorrow! If you think really badly about something or somebody and you meditate on it long enough; so you will be speaking later. You have to stop that process when it is still in your mind so it will not surface, ever. Control your words by stopping bad thinking; do not hurt God’s heart! Put a guard on your mouth better say nothing then rubbish!


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