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SC Daily Meditations

“Blessed is the man that findeth wisdom, and is rich in prudence:
The purchasing thereof is better than the merchandise of silver, and her fruit than the chief and purest gold:
She is more precious than all riches: and all the things that are desired, are not to be compared to her.
Length of days is in her right hand, and in her left hand riches and glory.
Her ways are beautiful ways, and all her paths are peaceable.”

Value of Wisdom

Almost all people are striving to acquire more money and possessions. Is it really worthwhile?

A fight for money usually brings hassles and weariness. On the other hand, if you have wisdom, you can also have money, and without all the trouble. As an example you may have Salomon. He asked God for wisdom, but got all the riches with it.

The wisdom is the most valuable thing worth pursuit on the face of the earth. In reality, God is wisdom as well as a source of all the wisdom. So by seeking the wisdom, you actually seek God.

How else we can define wisdom? First wisdom is not knowledge. The knowledge can be acquired in a school, but not wisdom. Wisdom gives you an ability, to know what to do, and how to do. It can be acquired with the age, but also can be a gift from God.

The word of wisdom for instance, is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Seek wisdom, it is worthwhile.


+11 #1 Guest 2015-03-25 22:05
How do I seek Wisdom ? Reading the Bible, going to Church, talking with other Christians. Yet, I am still a wreck. My life is still unmanageable many times and I feel out of control. I know it is my lack of relying on God. My inconsistency and my need to be in Control among many other things.

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