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Daily Mass Readings are important part of the Catholic Mass. Not all of us can participate in a daily Mass, so access to Catholic Daily Readings is very important.

Once you will read mass readings for today please read our FREE daily meditations.

As you have noticed we offer to our dear readers much more then Daily Catholic Readings. On our website among of other things you can also find: Catholic Verses, Catholic Prayers, Catholic Prayer Requests and Catholic Bible Online.

God is with you! Always!

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adult child moving back home I'm a mother who has been privileged to assist in raising four children, all adults now. I'm not a therapist or Doctor. As an observer in this conversation, I would lovingly suggest counseling/therapy for all involved. There truly are no rules on the...
By- cookaj
pregnancy helo my namre is tabitha i am pregnant lol should i get abor fennec_fox_illus_by_russell_barnard-d5jtvb0.png shiun?? xD
Silence For me silence is to be in God's presence and at peace
Spoken Meditation I would like to hear an audio meditation too...I have tried it at different sites ... " pray as you go "is one of those sites by the Jesuits...We need to be able to listen as we calm down from the noises of the " world" and be led by someone who knows how to...
divorce I think ,nobody should judge a divorced person .Nobody knows what he or she has suffered to be in that position and that was not in their intentions when they got married .They probably got married for life. Marriage is supposed to be worked at by the two...
By- happy
What to do with a substance abuse family member I hope through prayer you gain strength I tried and found them very helpful you canot have to much prayer god bless