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“Now, faith is the substance of things to be hoped for, the evidence of things that appear not. “

Hebrew 11:1  


Source of unbelief


What is a source of unbelief in our life? What is that source in yours? Can we stop unbelief? If so, how?



What is causing that we do things which are evidence of our unbelief? Fear! Fear causes that we make decisions which are confirmation that we do not trust nor believe God.


The fear is pushing us to do things which we would have never done otherwise. The fear creates a pressure which forces us to make wrong decisions. But faith is always stronger then unbelief if we only feed it properly! You can not just remove unbelief; you have to replace it with faith. You must develop your faith in every subject where unbelief is dominating; where your fear is making decisions for you! Work on your faith where it is weak.


Do not let your fear to dominate your life! Feed your faith daily (by reading scriptures and meditations, by prayer) and do not forget to be at least ones a week in a church.


+9 #1 Guest 2015-02-28 16:06
I feel I have faith but fear still comes to me when I'm faced with the pressure of this world. I look to the virgin Mary to give guidance to be like her when she saw her son suffering on the cross.

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