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Catholic Daily Devotions

It is a great spiritual advantage to pray and meditate(ponder) daily (or at least once a week) on the Holy Word of God.  Unfortunately, for most of us, it is very difficult to keep up with this privilege and duty. To help you in your daily (weekly) time with God, we have prepared our devotions (meditations).

Here are a few examples of our inspirational Catholic Daily Devotions(meditations) you can read them for FREE in our member menu:

Nothing is impossible

“Amen I say to you that whosoever shall say to this mountain, Be thou removed and be cast into the sea, and shall not stagger in his heart, but be believe that whatsoever he saith shall be done; it shall be done unto him." Mark 11: 23

Jesus said “in truth I tell you”. Isn’t it a fact that Jesus (God) is saying only the truth and always the truth? It is! So why he said “in truth”? To stress importance of this statement! To draw your attention and say: behold what I’m saying! To tell you that you must believe in what He says right now.

Another question - why did He use a mountain as an example? To lay emphasis that nothing is impossible! Completely nothing! Even things which are naturally impossible (moving a mountain would be definitely one of them) are possible for God!

Jesus is saying to you that there are no limits in what you can receive from God when you believe Him in your heart; when you believe without a doubt. Everything is possible. Anything you desire. So get rid of your doubts ones and for all; start believing God today.

Whatever is your need, you can have it all. Whatever is your problem it can be removed out of your way, forever. All is possible. All possible by a single act of faith with no doubt attached to it! Remember faith with no doubt!

God is not holding things from you; He is keeping them for you so you can have them when you will need them. Do not hesitate, believe and receive! Believe and receive are very important words. If you believe that you have received when you pray, you will get it. If you have doubts when you pray (will God give it to me?), you will get nothing. And remember Jesus told us to pray that way. You have only one choice today – to be obedient and trust Him with no doubts.

Do not let yourself to be terrified

“And in nothing be ye terrified by the adversaries: which to them is a cause of perdition, but to you of salvation, and this from God. “ Philippians 1.28

When somebody attacks you, no matter how strong and powerful - do not be dismayed/terrified/. You are a child of God, and God is your Father. If earthly fathers protect their children no matter what then much more our heavenly Father will protect those who belong to Him!

If you earthly father would be somebody important and powerful – let’s say Governor of the State, would you be afraid of many people? Rather not. So now behold – God Almighty, Creator of Universe, Lord of Lords and King of Kings is your Father! His power (also to protect you) is limitless, his angels can’t be counted, and he sees all and knows the future.

Nothing will surprise Him (not like you), nothing is hidden from Him. If He is with you who can be against you?  He is here to save you every day, He didn’t give you only eternal life in a future but also every day help in all your problems.

There is no powerful enough person to stand against Him; nor human neither devil’s force  can defeat Him. No one can defeat YOU, when He is on your side! So do not be terrified or dismayed ever again by other people! Reject all the fear, remember - this is a decision you have to make!


“Peace I bequeath to you, my own peace I give you, a peace which the world cannot give, this is my gift to you. Do not let your hearts be troubled or afraid.”  John 14.27

There are many ways you can have a “peace” from the world. You can have many powerful friends, have a lot of money, live in a prosperous country and believe in a law and government.

But as you know by now, all this is a piece of junk and can be taken from you when you expect it the least. Those things are not evil or bad, but you cannot rely on them, ever! The only peace that is stable, everlasting and solid like a rock is the one given by God himself!

What Jesus is saying? Do not let your hearts to be troubled or afraid! This means it is your decision! Decision to not be afraid and trust God. But this promise of God is not based on a sand foundation but on a rock one. That’s why Jesus said my peace, I give you, and it is not the same as the one from the world.

Jews would believe Him. Why? Because of what word peace means in their language.

Peace in Jewish is Shalom. What Shalom means for a Jew? It means: safety, all well, happiness, health, prosperity, peace, favour and wholeness. When Jesus was talking that He is giving us His peace, He meant that he is giving us: safety, wellness, health, happiness, prosperity, peace, favour and wholeness. It is not just freedom from war and disturbance; it is much, much more. His peace is enough; it covers all areas of your life with God’s protection and power!

What can stop God?

“And they took offense at him. But Jesus said to them, "A prophet is not without honor except in his native place and in his own house." And he did not work many mighty deeds there because of their lack of faith.”  Mat.13.57-58

Is there anything that can stop God? It seems that such a question is simply silly but there is something. It is a lack of your faith!

God has plenty of blessings prepared for us but what stands between them and us is our faith (or rather a lack of faith). Maybe it is strange for you but Jesus couldn’t do anything for people without the faith! That’s a fact.

It doesn’t mean that He lost his power but because of the lack of faith the power couldn’t flow to those people. The lack of faith cuts you off God’s power. So do your best to keep your faith strong! Otherwise you will lack many things.

Many people are praying many times for something, but at the same time they don’t believe that God will do that for them – this is a lack of faith. They will receive nothing, no matter how many times they will pray.

Fruits from God

“In contrast, the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. Against such there is no law.”  Gal.5.22-23

God is Spirit and He is bringing fruits to your life! When you spend time in His presence praying and meditating; when you read the Holy Scriptures or go to the mass; when you take communion - his Spirit is working in you, bringing wonderful fruits to you life.

There are many different fruits you can bring in the Kingdom of God. Those described above are the fruits of your internal transformation. God is changing you when you spend time with Him! His Holy Word is filling your soul when you read it. 

How in short we can describe those fruits? They are features of God’s character. If you are changed and people can see those fruits in your life, they can see God in you! As children of God we should manifest his character!

It is one of our main aims – to be like Him! And it is possible my dear! It is possible for the least important lay person, not only for religious people! It is possible for you and me. You can resemble God’s character, because God said so!

Rise and shine!

“Rise up in splendor! Your light has come, the glory of the Lord shines upon you.”  Isa 60:1

This is powerful! I always feel great when I read it! God is commanding you and me to rise up! To rise up because we have reasons to do so, very good reasons.

Your light has come and the Glory of God shines upon you! The Glory of Almighty God shines upon you! You can walk in the light of his Glory. You are never in darkness; you are in a light of his Glory!

You can always see good and evil and make a right choice. In that light, you can always see every danger coming your way and avoid it. So there is no fear when His light shines over your path. Fear is in  the darkness and it is a dark place, fear is evil, but there is no darkness in the light, so there is no fear in  the light, the light of his glory.

You are not alone anymore, He is with you, where ever you go, and the light of His presence is with you all the time. There are many places in the Holy Bible where God is saying to us “arise”. When God says that, it means change of our thinking and acting.

Arise from your weakness and discouragement. Arise from your depression, arise from your sickness. Arise and throw away your old way of thinking and cease to think about the past. Arise; be strong and courageous, because your God is with you. His power is backing you up. His angels are surrounding you! Your enemies flee from you. Arise and shine with his light, which is in you.

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