Catholic Prayer Requests, Catholic Readings and Meditations

Spiritual Catholic brings to you a message of hope, joy and God's love. Enjoy our free meditations, Catholic Readings and submit Catholic Prayer Requests. All content and access is free.

Please remember that:

GOD intended to HELP YOU before you were even born. He KNEW YOU and LOVED YOU before Heaven and Earth were created and He LOVES YOU TODAY.

So, don’t be afraid, instead be full of HOPE, expectation and confidence. He cares for YOU; He will help you and deliver you. Your HOPE and PEACE can be restored today – forever. SMILE and walk tall – GOD CARES for you, and He will not forsake you!

Our message is a message of HOPE, message about God’s GRACE, LOVE and MERCY! Our prayers are prayers of trust, faith and strength. Join us today and read Catholic  Readings. Blessed Virgin Mary is with you! She prays for you.

The times are tough and all seems to go in bad direction. The economy is falling, the nature and nations are shaking, your only hope and protection are in God alone, He will RESTORE your PEACE.

If you need a prayer or want to pray for others, please go to Catholic Prayer Requests and submit your request. What ever is your spiritual or natural need, GOD has the answer.