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Collection of Catholic Prayers


How to pray? When to pray? Where to find inspiration for your catholic prayers? Should I pray using well known prayers or make my own? How to make my own prayer? To who to pray? How often? A lot of Question! Catholic Prayer is the most important subject for every Catholic.

Prayer is a subject often written about and thought about, but one of you question remains – how to pray to get answer YES and instant HELP from God?! We can pray for hours, days and months and get nothing! What’s a disappointment! What’s a waste!

When it happens to you, there is a scream rising in your heart – God where are you!

Have you been there? But it doesn’t have to be that way. Your questions can be answered and your requests granted! Read our Daily Meditations to find answers about a Prayer that brings results!

We publish many catholic prayers written for different occasions so you can use them in your own life.

Remember God always answers our prayers!

Stay in God's blessing!


A great encouragement and HELP in your prayer are our Catholic Daily Meditations