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SC Daily Meditations

“By this is my Father glorified, that you bear much fruit and become my disciples.“
John 15.8

Glorify the Father


Many Catholics are looking for a way to glorify their God. They think maybe I will do this or that. They
just want to find their own way. But the way is already established by God himself.


Firstly to glorify the father you have to be fruitful in your life. There are many different fruits you
can bear; the most important fruit you can bring to God is the Fruit of the Holy Spirit. The fruit of
the Holy Spirit is basically a fruit of your character. It is who you are, how you act and how you
think. The more your character resembles Jesus the more you glorify God. The more you follow His
commandments the better.  People you will bring to knowledge of God will be your fruit too. If you help
somebody to get closer to God he will be your fruit. So if you really want to glorify the Father start
bearing fruit today. Don’t wait for big things, start with that small ones you can do now, God will help
you to grow.


Secondly you will glorify the Father by becoming his disciple. What it means?  It is higher lever of
developing God’s character in you. It means first of all to get to know him. Then to follow him. It
means to act in his way, to walk his way and finally it means to do his works (John 14.12). Then do not
hesitate, simply do what he said and truly He will be glorified!


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