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Make your Home your Sanctuary

It is wonderful to pray in special places like Lourdes, Fatima or Medjugorje, but not everybody and not always can go there. Should we wait until we get there with those most important prayers? What if we need God’s help right now? What if our problem can’t wait? What can we do?

What about turning our own home in to a sanctuary, into a private and hidden from others place, where only God and you can meet? We all need to have our sacred place, place filled with God’s presence and Angels. How to do this?

First prepare yourself!

Stop sinning and go to the Confession, find a time and do this as soon as possible, then take the Communion. Afterwards stay sin free, if you sin confess your sin right away to God before even you go again to Confession, and go there as soon as you can. When this is done make sure that you will not contaminate yourself again. If you have to - do not watch TV , listen to the Radio or read Newspapers. Clean up your mind from earthly thoughts and prepare a place in your heart/mind/ for God. Forget about your problems don’t give them even a thought. Later on you will present your problems to God but now you have to forget about them! This is a paramount stage of preparation, you can not skip it!

Find a right time to pray.

What is the best time to pray? For me it is early morning(4-5am), for you it could be the same or evening or night. I prefer morning because my thoughts are clear, there is nobody around and it is easier for me to concentrate. You must be alone. So if  you live with a family early morning is usually the best. Give yourself 1-2 hours. One hour is a minimum because you will probably waste most of that time before you will get in touch with God, make a connection.

Find a right place.

Find the best place. Some people prefer small cosy rooms others big spacey ones. It is up to you, for God there is no difference. Make yourself comfortable, you will spend some time there. I like big rooms because I walk when I pray, I also kneel or lay flat but when I’m exited about what God is going to do or I have to fight in parayer I walk. But this is me you have to find your own way. Starting from kneeling position is very good. If you will know HIM better you can do something else, walk around the room or sing for instance. I don’t recommend standing or walking in early stages of your prayer life.

Prepare an altar.

Find small table or a desk. Clean up the room, make it nice, get fresh flowers if you can. Dim the lights(or turn main lights off), close curtains, and turn on small spot(for reading) light at your desk or table. Shut the door.

On your desk put your Catholic Bible (if you don’t have it, get one for instance Good News Bible), put crucifix and if you can one or two candles (any candles, they don’t have to be special if you don’t have ), light them up. All this is for you not for God, to make God comfortable obey the first step I mentioned – be sinless and confess when you have to. Take communion. If it will not disturb your concentration you can turn on low volume mood music, something Christian if you have or secular if you don’t. Sometimes classical music may do. If music disturbs your concentration turn it off!

When you are ready with all this just start praying.

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