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SC Daily Meditations

“If you then, who are wicked, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will the
Father in heaven give the holy Spirit to those who ask him?"
Luk 11:13

God is the best Dad ever! Why?


If you don’t have yet children please imagine for a while that you do. And imagine, that as a parent you

have very unusual way of raising your children. You don’t talk to them too much (because you assume that
they won’t listen anyway), but you teach them by creating problems for them, by creating unpleasant
situations. You order them to go outside improperly dressed to show them, that they can catch a cold. You
let them play with matches to show them, that you can get burned. You take from them they beloved toys to
show them that there are children that have nothing. You hit them without important reason when they
will make you angry. What do you think of this? Doesn’t it look as nonsense? Does this “parent” look
like a mad man? Of course he does! Maybe there are homes where it is that way, but every reasonable man
being sane knows, that it is nonsense and won’t do this to his child!

So, why don’t you think about it as insane, when you think about God? God, who is the most perfect Father.
God, who is Love himself? Why do you think that God is sending problems on us, his children to teach us?
It is an obvious fact that you can learn or understand something in a time of trouble but it doesn’t
mean, that it is God’s way. His way is His Holy Word(commandments) and the Holy Spirit.

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