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„But Jesus, calling them together, said: Suffer children to come to me and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God. Amen, I say to you: Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a child shall not enter into it. “

Luke 18.16-17 (DRB)


Like a child

Why Jesus said that “of such is The Kingdom of God”? What is in children what makes them different? Why it is so easy for them to enter the Kingdom of God? Don’t you know?

So once again what is so different about children? Straight forward understanding of facts, faith and trust! If parents will tell a child that a stork is bringing children, they will simply believe it! And this is what God is expecting from us. If God says that by his stripes we are healed; God is expecting us to believe it without questioning. Why children have an open door to God’s Kingdom? Because rules of The Kingdom are straight forward and children will simply accept them. Only adults can complicate what is simple. We have to start accepting The Holy Word of God as it is then the Kingdom will be ours without any questions!

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