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SC Daily Meditations

„And at midnight, Paul and Silas, praying, praised God. And they that were in prison heard them. “

Acts 16.25 (DRB)


Where is that faith and joy from?


Just imagine that you are in a prison as they were. What would be your thoughts and feelings down there? Could you have such a joy as they had?

How is that possible that being in a prison, where everything ends; they had joy and  they were praising God by singing? Where it is coming from? What caused it? How you can have such a joy in a face of such a adversity? Maybe they were naive? No, they knew the truth. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. They knew Him, they knew Him perfectly.  Their joy and faith ware from their knowledge of God (and His Word!). Knowing God, they knew what He will do; they knew the end of the story. Maybe they didn’t know all the details but they knew that God will free them from that prison. And that’s why they could sing with the joy. Our life is no different. If you knew well your God and His ways; you would know what to expect in a particular situation. You will not know all the details of a solution but you will always know that it will be well. And this is what you should expect; this is what you should be sure. Our faith comes from the knowledge of our God!

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