Catholic Bible - Douay-Rheims


Job 5

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5:1 Call now if there be any that will answer thee, and turn to some of the saints.

5:2 Anger indeed killeth the foolish, and envy slayeth the little one.

5:3 I have seen a fool with a strong root, and I cursed his beauty immediately.

5:4 His children shall be far from safety, and shall be destroyed in the gate, and there shall be none to deliver them.

5:5 Whose harvest the hungry shall eat, and the armed man shall take him by violence, and the thirsty shall drink up his riches.

5:6 Nothing upon earth is done without a voice cause, and sorrow doth not spring out of the ground.

5:7 Man is born to labour and the bird to fly.

5:8 Wherefore I will pray to the Lord, and address my speech to God:

5:9 Who doth great things and unsearchable and wonderful things without number:

5:10 Who giveth rain upon the face of the earth, and watereth all things with waters:

5:11 Who setteth up the humble on high, and comforteth with health those that mourn.

5:12 Who bringeth to nought the designs of the malignant, so that their hands cannot accomplish what they had begun:

5:13 Who catcheth the wise in their craftiness, and disappointeth the counsel of the wicked:

5:14 They shall meet with darkness in the day, and grope at noonday as in the night.

5:15 But he shall save the needy from the sword of their mouth, and the poor from the hand of the violent.

5:16 And to the needy there shall he hope, but iniquity shall draw in her mouth.

5:17 Blessed is the mall whom God correcteth: refuse not therefore the chastising of the lord:

5:18 For he woundeth, and cureth: he striketh, and his hands shall heal.

5:19 In six troubles he shall deliver thee, and in the seventh, evil shall not touch thee.

5:20 In famine he shall deliver thee from death: and in battle, from the hand of the sword.

5:21 Thou shalt he hidden from the scourge of the tongue: and thou shalt not fear calamity when it cometh.

5:22 In destruction and famine then shalt laugh: and thou shalt not be afraid of the beasts of the earth.

5:23 But thou shalt have a covenant with the stones of the lands, and the beasts of the earth shall be at pence with thee.

5:24 And thou shalt know that thy tabernacle is in peace, and visiting thy beauty thou shalt not sin.

5:25 Thou shalt know also that thy seed shall be multiplied, and thy offspring like the grass of the earth.

5:26 Thou shalt enter into the grave in abundance, as a heap of wheat is brought in its season.

5:27 Behold, this is even so, as we have searched oat: which thou having heard, consider it thoroughly in thy mind.